Our visit to see The Queen

Reading the Easter stories in the Gospels you will notice that the different eye witnesses have different things to say. Sceptics say that these contradictions make the Easter story unbelievable. After you have read the following pages I hope you like me will find that individual memories are different and reflect the personality and interests of the writer. It is still all true - now as then.

Have a very happy Easter. The Lord is Risen - yes he really is!!

Beverley Stark




What a joyful day to experience. The pervading atmosphere of excitement and anticipation was tangible in our group of seven ladies who gathered early to travel – not exactly ‘royal style’ – but courtesy of Beverley and Lisa to the park and ride bus service to Leicester.

We joined a lively and chatty queue outside the cathedral waiting for our admission and having passed checkpoint one, invitations checked, and checkpoint two, invitations and identities checked against the list of guests, we were directed to seats which gave us a good view of the royal party entering and exiting the cathedral. Although we had almost two hours before the service commenced, Lisa’s book stayed surreptiously hidden in her handbag. There was so much to see and conversation flowed easily.

The musical entertainment both before and during the service was superb even though at one time the organist rehearsing with the trumpeters, the ringing of twelve bells and the Dahl drummers were all competing! The service itself included readings by members of diverse faiths, a joyful rendering of Jubilate by Thurmaston Junior School and superb singing of the anthem by the cathedral choir.

The royal party appeared relaxed and delighted with their reception, the queen having a full day’s programme. Her visit appeared to have brought much joy and happiness, this atmosphere pervading the whole day and extending to our return on the ‘park and ride’. Cathy Lawrence-Goadby Marwood Church


What a shock, Beverley on the answer phone saying I was going to Leicester Cathedral to see the Queen. Have since recovered, and am now reflecting on such an amazing day.

 Ladies in posh hats on the Park & Ride. We all received a wonderful reception!  It was so obvious where we were going!Once into the Cathedral the atmosphere was set. The ambiance, the floral arrangements adorned by a central crown of willow illuminated with green crystal. Just beautiful.

The music was so perfect, a little girls’ choir, Asian dancers with candles  - how did they manage to keep the candles alight!  All accompanied with moving words delivered by all faiths.

I have to say that at the end of such a memorable service, I do believe, myself included, we were all in tears! My congratulations to her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth.     Judith Lusty – Waltham Church


"What a Day" - Having received an invitation to the Cathedral for the visit of Her Majesty the Queen, I was both honoured and proud to be chosen to represent the Parish of St. Egelwin.

We arrived at the Cathedral around 10.00 am and the whole of Peacock Lane was packed with people on both sides of the road, men with children on their shoulders, little girls with posies etc. We were security checked and allowed into the Cathedral which was very tastefully decorated and where the long wait seemed to pass quite quickly.  The Royal party arrived with the Bishop and the service was shorter than I expected. 

We had quite a good seat considering the size of the Cathedral.   After the Queen left we had a light lunch in the Buddhist centre opposite the Cathedral, then being "fed and watered" we made our way back to Peacock Lane to see the Royal party leave for the City Centre.  The atmosphere in Leicester just seemed "electric" everywhere you looked and walked people were waving flags, wearing red white and blue wigs etc.

So came the end of a lovely day, seeing the Monarch in person, good company, safe drivers, what more could one wish for!!

Pam Tripp – Scalford Church


Penny's recollections of the Day
- that, as we swept round the corner towards the Cathedral thinking, how right Pam had been to move us out of the Ironstone Villages in good time
- negotiating the Park and Ride had been easy but now being confronted by crowds- so many already waiting, but not to worry for we had tickets and were ushered down the centre of the road to queue only yards from the front of the line - and the crowds were looking at us!
- through efficient security and photo identity accepted into the Cathedral, seats only three rows back but a large pillar holding up the roof right in front of me!
- lots of time for people watching but with so much to see time went quickly. What an array of outfits, colours, shapes and expectant faces.
- the arrival of the Royal party into the Cathedral - the Queen ever regal, Prince Phillip seen it all before but happy to do it again and Kate's delightful smile, eager as she learnt the ropes.
- the Service was simple but very meaningful; inclusive yet for our Queen, her work and commitment; singing with so many.
the day's security, yes, everywhere but so well organised and professional that the day for all, in or out, was friendly, relaxed, happy.
- lunch- fresh sandwiches tasty and very welcome with more people watching- hats from Ark to Ascot.
- out to join the still waiting crowds pleased for a chance for another glimpse and we did see 'them' again
- and yes, both the royal ladies looked great but to follow Kate's fashion lead will only be for the slimmest among us!
- and finally a big thank you that we, in England, can put on such a day and that I was lucky enough to be part of it.    Penny Clemons


My reflections on the day I represented St Deny’s Church Eaton at the service in Leicester Cathedral of the visit of her Majesty The Queen in Her Diamond Jubilee Year accompanied by The Duke of Edinburgh and The Duchess of Cambridge. The cheers of the crowds, the Dhol Drummers, the colour of the floral arrangements and decorations, the appreciation and love shown by the whole of race, colour and creed. The service was held with reverence, love and dignity a day I will always remember.   Jean Shields


What a wonderful day with a lovely group of ladies just a few years older than myself! The joy and laughs never stopped all day from the big blue bin liner hat as we waited outside the Cathedral to the opening of the water bottles during lunch, yes you get very wet if you squeeze the bottle as you try to open it.

The arrival of her majesty was so exciting and she so reminded me of my Grandma it was really special and I could just imagine my dad saying my girl going to see the Queen. Thank you all for a very special day.   Lisa Neale


To be in the presence of our Queen and future Queen for a wonderful Jubilee Celebration Service in the Cathedral, was the ultimate part of the day for me.   Seated near the entrance, I had a close view of the royal party as they entered.   "A day I will never forget".  Peggy Hewlett 

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