The Ironstone Churches in Leicestershire


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The Ironstone Churches are set in Leicestershire villages and offer a wide range of worship, services and activities for all ages.


Reverend Canon John Barr, Rector, extends a warm welcome to all visitors. 


Please visit the individual web page for each church: 




The Ironstone Villages Benefice is a group of rural churches east of Melton Mowbray in the County and Diocese of Leicester. There are seven churches and they make a sort of triangle with Scalford, Stonesby and Eaton making the corners with Waltham on the Wolds, Chadwell with Wycomb, Goadby Marwood and Eastwell contained within the triangle.

Each church has a community and a life of its own but we have all made a commitment to work together in mission and ministry in our area. This is a new exploration of unity for our churches and our congregations. We are already seeing a sharing of  lots of practical help and expertise, new friendships and the chance to ask our Diocese to come and help us learn new ways and explore what it means to be rural churches in the 21st  century.

We worship together every week at 10.30 a.m. This Holy Communion Service travels around 6 of our seven churches on a two monthly pattern. Every first Sunday we are at Scalford and every 4th Sunday at Waltham. The 2nd and 3rd Sundays we go to the smaller churches. You can find out the location of the next service on this website and outside all of our churches. I am told by visitors that the singing is fantastic.

Chadwell is a Festival Church and has 6 celebration services a year and is open for weddings, funerals and Christenings. 
All of our churches are open to visitors every day.

All of our churches put on events and other services to encourage use of the beautiful buildings and exploration and journeying in faith. All people of all ages are welcome, always. We try to be faithful to our calling to serve our community and the wider world and to share what we have with Local Methodist neighbours, our Deanery and our Diocese.

We have very close links with our schools in Scalford and Waltham and we visit both schools each week to present Open the Book and run a Messy Church in each village every month in school time. Scalford Church also has a Family 430 service each month at which our small children's choir take an active part.

In our common life as a fellowship of Christians who share mission and ministry and look after 7 ancient churches we also have

* Fellowship (Cell) groups where a group of people meet regularly for friendship, prayer and Bible study-working out just what it means to be a Christian in the 21st century.

v      * A Benefice Council where representatives from each church can have a say in what goes on.

v      * Children’s and activities so that all the local children get an opportunity to participate in a faith journey through our local church schools at Waltham and Scalford and through social, sport and learning events

v      * A special Lent, Holy Week and Easter programme

v      * Marriage Preparation (along with a neighbouring group of churches)

v      * Opportunities for Christian Holidays and training events

v      * A mission fund to help our churches reach out into the community in service and in helping people understand what Christian faith is all about.

v      * Regular opportunities to explore Christian faith. 


Our strap line is:-




WE BELIEVE THAT SMALL RURAL CHURCHES ARE SPECIAL AND ARE PART OF GODS PLAN FOR OUR TIME AND WE WELCOME ANYONE WHO IS ON A FAITH JOURNEY. Everyone is encouraged to join in and to offer their gifts and talents. All people are valued and ‘doing your best’ is valued greatly. Our churches should be a place where you can make new friends and blossom spiritually.


WE BELIEVE IN ONE GOD WHO IS FATHER, SON AND HOLY SPIRIT. We are Easter people who believe that Jesus died and rose again to give us freedom from sin and death and life in all its fullness. We would like people outside our churches to believe this too, but value people’s freedom to come as they are and journey in a way that is appropriate for them. Thus everyone is welcome and exploring faith further and deeper is greatly encouraged!


WE ARE FAR FROM PERFECT! Our journey is a journey towards holiness and we know that we sometimes get it wrong. Usually things get sorted out really quickly, but if they don’t we want to be able to put things right and need you to tell us what went wrong and why! Please contact the Rector if you would like to discuss anything further. Every Wednesday at 9a.m in Waltham church we have a very simple Healing Service where prayers are said and candles are lit for people and situations that need the healing hand of our Lord Jesus. Our worship services also sometimes go wrong, but generally speaking we have a great time praising God and learning with each other about faith. We believe that worship should be accessible and enjoyable. We are quite good at laughter and fun so when things go a bit haywire it doesn’t matter very much.


Most of our churches are open during the day. However if you struggle to get access please contact one of the local churchwardens and they will let you know how to get in. Each church has a prayer corner or a prayer area.



Ancient Rural Churches are very expensive to run and to maintain. We are indebted to generous local donors in our villages who make regular, often gift aided payments to their local church because they value the church and want it to continue even if they choose not to come to our regular services.


Some of the churches have Friends Groups who run social events in their village and raise money towards the repair of the churches. The church council can then ask for a grant from the Friends group and this has proved to be immensely helpful over the years.


If you would like to help in this way contact one of your local churchwardens and they will be extremely happy to guide you!





Get involved!

Find out how by contacting us at:


Ironstone Churches


Rev Canon John Barr


Tel:  01664 464265



The Vicarage

23 Melton Road

Waltham on the Wolds

Melton Mowbray 


LE14 4AJ



Lisa Neale - Parish Administrator



Wednesday 9.30 am to 2.30 pm







Thanks for visiting our website. To find out about what is happening at individual churches in the Benefice, please visit their pages under "Churches" in the menu.